Company Overview — Eclectic Products, Inc.

Founding Company

Willamette Valley Company (WVCO), the founding company of Eclectic Products, Inc. (EPI), has been a family-owned and successfully operated company for over 60 years. WVCO has utilized experience and innovation to provide customized solutions to the ever-changing demands of markets, industry, and technology.


WVCO’s mission is to leverage our core capabilities to provide value-adding solutions to various industrial markets worldwide. Our customer relations philosophy is on partnerships. To this end we are continuously evolving and expanding our dynamic infrastructure of personnel, facilities, and technology. In our company, customer service is everyones’ responsibility.


EPI’s manufacturing and distribution is located in Pineville, Louisiana. WVCO’s manufacturing, distribution, sales and R&D facilities are strategically located throughout North and South America, providing solutions to customers in Europe, Asia, and South America.


Growing on the success of the adhesive business within the industrial marketplace, WVCO purchased Eclectic Products (a company founded in 1972) and started a Retail division with Shoe GOO®, an adhesive formulated to extend the life of tennis players shoes, and Famowood® Wood Fillers. During the 1990’s EPI relocated its manufacturing facilities to Pineville, Louisiana. To increase production of our product lines the manufacturing facility grew by 67,800 sq. ft. for a total of 107,800 sq. ft. Along with the facility expansion new technologies and equipment were installed to improve product manufacturing. Additional product brands were brought under the EPI umbrella to supply the DIY marketplace. Products such as Amazing GOOP® adhesives, epoxies and Nail Hole Filler, Seal-All® and more have gained many loyal customers.

Our family-owned businesses continues to be concerned about the environment, partnerships, products, employees and family.

Manufacturing Facility / Pineville, Louisiana
Manufacturing Facility / Pineville, Louisiana
Adhesive packaging equipment
Adhesive packaging equipment
Pineville, Louisiana Warehouse
Pineville, Louisiana Warehouse


Do-It-Yourselfers, Crafters, Professionals and Woodworkers.

We manufacture products that work for you. Check out our products to find an adhesive, epoxy, wood filler and more for your projects.


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