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Amazing GOOP All Purpose



Amazing GOOP Coat-It Epoxy Sealer

Coat-It is formulated with ceramic beads for abrasion resistance, graphite to give it slip or lubricity and Kevlar® fiber for extreme toughness. It's a superior, waterproof epoxy sealer that will protect your boat bottom or truck bed. Coat-It can be applied to aluminum, fiberglass and wood surfaces with ease. 

  • Easy to use – just pour, stir and apply 
  • Tough – reinforced with Kevlar fibers for superior strength 
  • Practical – enables boats to glide smoothly over debris and rocks 
  • Fast drying – sets and dries completely in 10-12 hours 
  • Waterproof 
  • Seals small leaks and splits in a single coat
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Sizes Available: 2.0 lb, 8.0 lb
Color: Gray


Follow these step-by-step directions when using Coat-It: 

Surface Preparation: 
1. Read directions and test small area before use. 
2. Use protective gloves to avoid getting Coat-It on skin. In case of contact with skin, use plenty of soap and water to remove epoxy. 
3. For small quantities, mix 7 parts of Part A and 1 part of Part B (by weight, not by volume). 
4. A clean, freshly sanded surface is essential to creating a good bond. Remove all contaminants such as oil, grease, dirt and old coatings. Sand until you have a clean surface. Steel and/or aluminum boats should be sanded or cleaned with steel wool and treated with a marine phosphoric acid wash, such as Naval Jelly or Aluminum Bright, to remove any rust oxidation. Tape off boat sides if necessary. 
5. Gouges and deep holes should be filled with an epoxy or fairing compound before applying Coat-It. 
6. May be applied to dry or porous surfaces. 
1. Stir Part A container of Coat-It until a uniform consistency occurs. Pour Part B into Part A container. 
2. Sufficient stirring and mixing is the most important step for satisfactory results with Coat-It. Mix with fold-into center motion. Mix entire contents thoroughly for 6-7 minutes. Occasionally scrape bottom and sides of mixing container as well as mixing stick. Mixed material should be used within 30 minutes. 
3. After mixing thoroughly, immediately pour material onto working surface. Do not leave mixed material in original container. 
1. Application can be readily completed with a toothed trowel, squeegee, short bristle throw-away brush or foam roller. 
2. Working time is approximately 30 minutes. 
3. Adequate cure time is approximately 10-12 hours at 70 °F / 21 °C. Minimum application temperature 65 °F / 18 °C. Application surface temperature range is 50 °F / 10 °C to 90 °F / 32 °C. Cure time decreases with higher temperatures. Thicker coats cure faster than thin coats. A second coat of Coat-It may be applied after the initial 10-12 hour cure period. 
4. Clean tools with acetone or lacquer thinner. For maximum ultraviolet protection, allow Coat-It to cure thoroughly,sand lightly and apply a good grade of marine paint. 



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What is Coat-It and what is it used for? 
Coat-It is a 100% solids waterproof graphite gray epoxy sealer and coating. Its original application is an armor plating type high build coating for the bottom of fishing boats, kayaks and canoes. Cured Coat-It creates slip and lubricity when the boat comes into contact with rocks, gravel or shrubs as well as protects boats from damage. Coat-It can also be used to create a non-skid surface on decks, steps or ramps by spreading medium to fine silica sand over the wet Coat-It. Allow to harden completely and remove excess sand. 

What surfaces will Coat-It work on? 
Coat-it bonds very well to aluminum, steel, fiberglass and wood surfaces. 

What makes Coat-It so tough? 
Coat-It contains ceramic beads for abrasion resistance, graphite for slip or lubricity and Kevlar® fiber (the same Kevlar® fiber used in bullet proof vests) for extreme toughness. 

What is the coverage area? 
Coat-It comes in both 2 lb. and 8 lb. kits. 
2 lb. kit: 20 square ft.* 
8 lb. kit: 80 square ft.* 
*depends on porosity of surface and thickness applied. 

What is the dry time for Coat-It? 
Mixed Coat-It should be applied within 30 minutes. Adequate dry time is approximately 10-12 hours @ 70°F (21°C) (less than half the time of competitive brands). Cure time decreases with higher temperatures and increases with lower temperatures. Thick coats cure faster than thin coats. 

Can Coat-It be used in conjunction with fiberglass cloth for additional strength? 
Yes. Use fiberglass cloth for added strength at plywood joints, etc. When using fiberglass fabrics, use a squeegee for smoothing and spreading resin. When coating large areas, use a foam roller. Using this type of roller assures a smooth uniform finish when applied according to directions. 

Can Coat-It be painted? 
Yes. For maximum ultraviolet protection, allow Coat-It to cure thoroughly, sand lightly and apply a good grade of marine paint or Famowood Dura-Tuff (above water surfaces only).