FRP Premium Adhesive

FIBER REINFORCED POLYMER (FRP) ADHESIVE is a unique NON-SAG PREMIUM adhesive. This adhesive will not sag, drip or run and is excellent for use in applications requiring vertical or horizontal hold. FRP Adhesive is waterproof and withstands temperatures from between -40 and 150 °F/ -40 and 66 °C allowing it to maintain its extreme bond and flexibility—even in extreme weather conditions!

• Non-slump – won't sag, drip or run on vertical or horizontal
• Temperature resistant – unaffected by extreme heat or cold once cured
• Waterproof – impervious to water after complete cure
• Dries clear
• Sandable – a dustless sander can be used after full cure
• Chemical resistant – safe for applications exposed to dilute acids and dilute caustics
• Non-flammable once cured


Product specs

Sizes Available: 10.2 oz
Color: Clear

Instructions for Safe Use

Follow these step-by-step directions when using FRP Premium Adhesive:

Read directions and test small area before use.
1. Unpack, position, and assemble column components following manufacturer’s directions.
2. Surface should be clean, dry and free of dirt. Wipe down column surfaces/edges to be bonded with acetone or citrus based solvents to ensure complete removal of release agent/dust.
3. Trim end of nozzle. Puncture inner seal.
4. Product can be applied between 50 and 90 °F /10 and 32 °C.
5. Apply a continuous bead of adhesive to each surface to be joined, wait approximately 2 minutes before mating the surfaces, then clamp column halves together following manufacturer’s directions.
6. Excessive adhesive may be scraped or troweled away prior to curing. Sand seam with a vacuum-assisted (dustless) sander, 150 grit paper and appropriate personal protective equipment.
7. For maximum-strength bond, allow 24-72 hours cure time.
8. Prime and paint column following manufacturer’s instructions.
9. Clean uncured adhesive with acetone or citrus-based solvents. Cured material may be removed by cutting or scraping. For prolonged cartridge storage after opening, cover or plug the opening of the nozzle.

Data Sheets

US English document (Clear)

US English document (Clear)


What temperature range does FRP withstand?
FRP withstands extremely cold temperatures (-40 °F/-40 °C) and has good resistance to high temperatures (180 °F/82 °C) after full cure.

Is FRP UV resistant?
FRP may be painted over for maximum UV resistance after it has cured.

Will FRP crack or break under stress?
No, FRP dries to a rubber-like consistency that is flexible and moves with adhered material.

How long does FRP take to dry?
FRP starts getting tacky in approximately 4 minutes. Allow a minimum of 24 hours for curing.

What is used to clean up uncured FRP?
Small amounts of acetone or naphtha for uncured FRP. Cured FRP may be removed by cutting and scraping.

Product Images

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FRP Adhesive 10.2 fl oz - Clear 300 dpi US FRP Adhesive 10.2 fl oz - Clear 150 dpi US


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