Holiday Allure Collections 1 fl oz (4-Packs)

Allure Holiday Collections Paint is a permanent, multi-dimensional adhesive paint. Made from pure pigments, our paints give your projects incredible vibrancy. Whatever color and design combinations you can imagine - you can create!

•  Formulated with TechniSheen™ color enhancing technology
•  Multi-Surface
•  Retains a dimensional shape
•  Washer/Dryer safe
•  Acid Free


Product specs

Sizes Available: Collections contain: 4 Bottles 1.0 fl oz (29.5 mL) ea, Total 4.0 fl oz (118.0 mL)
Color: Each Collection contains 4 colors

Instructions for Safe Use

Follow these step-by-step directions when using Allure Paint:

1. Remove inner seal on bottle.
2. Shake bottle, then tip downward.
3. Touch tip to surface and squeeze.
4. Dry flat 5 hours.
5. Washable after 72 hours.


Can Allure Paint be used outdoors?
Yes, the paint can be used indoors or out.

Can fabrics bonded with Allure Paint be put in the washer/dryer?
Yes, fabrics will be washer/dryer safe.

How long does Allure Paint take to dry?
Paint will need to dry flat for at least 5 hours.


Do-It-Yourselfers, Crafters, Professionals and Woodworkers.

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