Amazing GOOP SuperMEND Epoxy Paste

SuperMEND is a versatile, high density two-part epoxy paste that bonds to most substrates. It forms to any shape and can be used to fill holes and cracks of any size or depth. SuperMend bonds permanently to metal, wood, ceramic, most plastics, fiberglass, concrete and more!

• Waterproof – may be applied under water
• Chemical resistant
• Heat resistant up to 150 °F
• Non shrinking
• Can be sanded, drilled, painted and sawed once cured
• Sets in 15 minutes


Product specs

Sizes Available: 4.0 oz, 16.0 oz
Color: Off-White

Instructions for Safe Use

Follow these step-by-step directions when using Amazing GOOP Epoxies:

NOTE: Best when used between 70 °F to 85 °F (21 °C to 29 °C).
1. Surface should be clean, dry and free from all contaminants such as dirt, grease, oil, rust and paint. for best results, roughen surface with coarse sandpaper or file.
2. Always prime porous surfaces (wood, concrete) with a thin squeegee coat of the same epoxy before the initial thick coat is applied.
3. Mix equal amounts by volume, side A and side B, in clean round mixing container, preferably new paper cups or buckets. DO NOT attempt mixing on a flat surface. DO NOT vary the 1-to-1 ratio for any reason.
4. Stir and mix thoroughly or 2 1/2 minutes, scraping sides and bottom often, and use a fold-into-center motion so both sides can be blended. NOTE: Sufficient stirring and mixing is the most important step for satisfactory results with Amazing GOOP Epoxies.
5. Once the epoxy is thoroughly mixed, you may refer to the individual Amazing GOOP Epoxy Paste working/set time and temperature information noted to complete the project.
6. Full cure time varies depending on which Amazing GOOP Epoxy Paste product is being used. Once cured, the project may be sanded, ground, filled, tapped, sawed, drilled and painted with most paints. Cure time decreases with higher temperatures and increases with lower temperatures. Thick coats cure faster than thin coats.
7. Clean tools with acetone or lacquer thinner. Use plenty of soap and water to remove epoxy from skin.


Why would I need to use epoxy rather than an adhesive?
Epoxy forms a stronger and more permanent adhesion to many materials and dries extremely hard. Amazing GOOP Epoxy is often stronger than the material being repaired and is resistant to chemicals, fuel, motor oils, transmission and hydraulic fluids, anti-freeze, alcohol, water and grease.

What are the advantages of using a paste epoxy such as SuperMEND, Marine or Automotive vs. a syringe epoxy or liquid epoxy? There are several advantages, the most important of which are these:
•Consistency: Thick epoxy paste provides excellent vertical, overhead repairs without running or sagging. Its thick formulation seals very effectively and offers high-impact resistance.
•Variety of Uses: Epoxy forms to any shape desired and can be used to fill, patch and anchor.
•Characteristics: Once cured, Amazing GOOP Epoxy can be sanded, ground, filled, tapped, sawed, drilled, and painted with most paints and will not rust or corrode.

What surfaces can epoxy be applied to?
There are assortments of epoxies with distinctive formulations that work best on recommended substrates. Amazing GOOP Epoxies are a versatile all-purpose paste and may be applied over a variety of surfaces:

Stone Metal Wood Copper
PVC Glass Brick Bronze
ABS Aluminum Ceramics Porcelain
Fiberglass Concrete Iron Graphite
Steel Metal Castings Most Plastics Marble
NOTE: Epoxy pastes bond to most surfaces except polypropylene, Teflon®, and polyethylene.

Can I color the epoxies?
Yes. To match epoxy to surface, epoxy may be tinted with powder colorants, most water-based colorants and food dye.

What are the measurement ratios when mixing epoxies?
Amazing GOOP Epoxies are designed to mix in equal amounts by volume 1-to-1 ratio. Adding more hardener will not make epoxy set faster.


Do-It-Yourselfers, Crafters, Professionals and Woodworkers.

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