E6000 Extreme Tack

Extreme Tack is a unique adhesive that allows you to make your own glue dots! It dries tacky for repositioning - ideal for mounting paper and lightweight materials to scrapbooks, walls, home décor items and more.

•  14X stronger than adhesive dots!
•  Excellent on all types of fabric and just about any substrate
•  Remains tacky after drying
•  Make adhesive dots or lines of any size
•  Dries clear
•  Acid-Free
•  Washable


Product specs

Sizes Available: 2.0 fl oz, 4.0 fl oz
Color: Clear

Instructions for Safe Use

Follow these step-by-step directions when using Extreme Tack:

1. Remove inner seal on bottle.
2. Apply glue to surface.
3. Allow glue to dry for at lease 8 hours.
4. Tack onto second surface.
5. Remove and/or reattach as needed.
6. Washable after 72 hours.


How long does Extreme Tack take to dry?
Allow Extreme Tack to dry 8 hours before mounting objects.  Wait 72 hours before washing. 

Can I remove and reapply objects adhered with Extreme Tack?
Yes, Extreme Tack remains tacky, even after numerous applications!

Will Extreme Tack dry clear?
Yes, Extreme Tack looks opaque when wet but will dry completely clear.

Is Extreme Tack safe to use on photographs?
Yes. Extreme Tack is acid-free and photo-safe.


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