E6000 StitchLess

StitchLess iron-on glue easily attaches fabric appliques and patches. It's also great for quilting projects and makes hemming clothing or drapes a cinch!

• Perfect on all types of fabric - even leather
• Permanent and Immediate
• Dry Cleanable
• Washable


Product specs

Sizes Available: 2.0 fl oz, 4.0 fl oz
Color: Opaque White

Instructions for Safe Use

Follow these step-by-step directions when using StitchLess:

1. Remove inner seal on bottle.
2. Apply evenly to fabric, patch or decoration. For hems: Apply to inner fold. Iron over using a dry iron (wool setting) for 60 seconds.
3. Let cool.
4. Washable after 72 hours.


Not for fine fabrics.

Data Sheets

US English document Canadian French document European Documents

English (Request SDS) sds@eclecticproducts.com
French (Request SDS) sds@eclecticproducts.com
German (Request SDS) sds@eclecticproducts.com
Spanish (Request SDS) sds@eclecticproducts.com


US Stitchless (English) TDS
Canadian Stitchless (English) TDS
European Stitchless (English) TDS


Can StitchLess be dry cleaned?
Yes, dry cleaning will not affect strength of StitchLess.

Can fabrics bonded with StitchLess be put in the washer/dryer?
Yes, fabrics will be washer/dryer safe.

What color is StitchLess once dry?
StitchLess will be opaque with small red specks once dry.

Can I sew through StitchLess?
Yes. StitchLess can be easily sewn through once dry.

How long does StitchLess take to dry?
StitchLess does not need to dry.  Simply iron over for 60 seconds and your item is ready to be used.


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