Shoe GOO Mini Tubes

Shoe GOO Mini Tubes

Shoe GOO

Shoe GOO

Shoe GOO Boots & Gloves

Shoe GOO Boots & Gloves provides a thick protective coating that extends the life of footwear and gloves. The unique formula does not become brittle in cold weather and remains flexible once cured. A coating of Shoe GOO Boots & Gloves will make your footwear and gloves last longer! 

  • Bonds, protects and rebuilds for a permanent repair 
  • Abrasion resistant – great for bonding heavy use items 
  • Excellent sealant – perfect for patching small holes 
  • Waterproof – bond remains secure even when exposed to water 
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Sizes Available: 2.0 oz
Color: Clear

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including toluene which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


Follow these step-by-step directions when using Shoe GOO Boots & Gloves: 

DIRECTIONS: Read directions and test small area before use.

  1. Surface should be clean, dry and free of dirt.
  2. Puncture seal in neck of tube using pointer cap. Ideal application temperature range is 50 to 90 ºF (10 to 32 ºC). However, fully cured adhesive can withstand            temperatures from -40 to 180 ºF (-40 to 82 ºC) intermittently.
  3. Apply directly to each surface to be bonded or repaired. Allow to partially cure, approximately 2 minutes before mating surfaces. Hardens by solvent evaporation and forms an immediate bond that is difficult to reposition after both adhesive-coated surfaces are placed in contact with each other and sufficient pressure is exerted to establish full contact.
  4. Allow repair to cure for 24 hours. Depending on materials and temperature, maximum strength may not be reached for 48 to72 hours.
  5. For future easy cap removal, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to the threads of  the tube before replacing the cap.
  6. Clean uncured adhesive with acetone or citrus-based solvents. Cured material may be removed by cutting or scraping.
  7. WATERPROOFING/PROTECTING GLOVES: To build a thick coating over high wear areas and along seams, use thin coats (spread with a disposable tool) to build a thick coating, allowing each layer to set 3-4 hours.

Coating Boot or Shoe Toes: 

  1. Tape edge of area to be protected with masking or painter’s tape. 
  2. Apply SHOE GOO Boots & Gloves over surface. 
  3. Quickly spread with throw-away spreader (such as a popsicle stick) before adhesive skins over. Note: Use thin coats to build a thick coating. However, make sure each coat is applied evenly. 
  4. Let set 3 to 4 hours between coatings. 
  5. Remove tape immediately after spreading. 
  6. Product will self-level after about 30 minutes and set smoothly. 



SDS SHEET REQUESTS:  To request an SDS, please use the below link and include the following information

  • Product name and description.
  • Product Sales Part Number or UPC (if available).
  • Product color.
  • Country of usage.
  • Language desired.
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Is there a special application technique for boot & glove repair? 
Shoe GOO Boots & Gloves is an adhesive specially formulated with extra abrasion resistance and thickness to extend the life of all kinds of shoes. If a worn shoe has a hole that goes all the way through the sole, tape over the hole inside the shoe before applying Shoe GOO to the outer sole; this will help avoid creating a bump. The tape should be removed from the inside and all bumps smoothed out within 2 hours, before the glue is completely hard. 

What types of materials work best with Shoe GOO Boots & Gloves? 
Shoe GOO will repair virtually any type of shoe material including leather, vinyl, canvas, fabric and rubber. 

Can Shoe GOO Boots & Gloves be used as a waterproof sealant? 
Yes, Shoe GOO is water resistant immediately upon application. Apply Shoe GOO directly to the surface to be sealed. Use thin coats of Shoe GOO to build a thick coating on the surface to be sealed, allowing each layer to set 3 to 4 hours. Shoe GOO hardens by solvent evaporation, so allow time for thorough hardening to ensure proper bonding and wear resistance. 

How long does Shoe GOO Boots & Gloves take to dry? 
A full cure takes 24 to 72 hours, depending on the surrounding environment. With lower temperatures and higher humidity, cure time increases; with higher temperatures, cure time decreases. To speed drying time, apply heat using a 
handheld dryer set on low. Hold dryer at least 6 inches from the surface. 

What temperature range does Shoe GOO Boots & Gloves withstand? 
Shoe GOO can be applied in temperatures ranging from 50 °F to 90 °F (10 °C to 32 °C). When cured, Shoe GOO can withstand temperatures between 
-40 °F and 150 °F (-40 °C and 66 °C). 

Can Shoe GOO Boots & Gloves stick to fishing waders and foul weather gear? 
Some fisherman's waders and foul weather gear have a water-repellent coating that must be removed before Shoe GOO Boots & Gloves will adhere. Scrub the area with detergent and allow to dry. Roughen surface before applying Boots & Gloves Shoe GOO. If the bond still pulls apart, the repair must be done on the inside surface of the item, which is usually reinforced with fabric.


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